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Issue 386 - Mon 2nd Oct 2006

I hope everything is well where you are.

As we lurch into October, it's time to address the urgent issue of the day - have you written your letter to Santa yet?

October is the signal for swathes of high street retail space to be taken over with Christmas stuff, so quick - hurry!
Christmas must be only just around the corner!

It's 3 sodding months away!
That's a full quarter of the year!

Don't let this marketing ploy lull you into thinking that the next 3 months are simply a waiting period up to Christmas.
You can achieve a bucket load in that time - life changing things if you want!
Let's leave Christmas 'til December at least!

I did a nice 8 miles training yesterday in 1 hour 36, right in line with my 12 min mile pace.
I have no tweaks or twangs to report, and with my new shoes and extra grass running, I feel back in full flow for my training.

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote about how the prisons here in Britain were close to being full up.
If you don't remember (shame on you), it was Issue 378, you can see it in the archive.

Anyhoo, that state of full prisons may happen this week.
There are around 320 places left, with 370 being jailed last week.
When they do get full, prisoners then have to be put in the cells at police stations, which costs £360 per prisoner per night!
That's a lot of moolah!

The last time this happened was in 2002, and the final bill was around £10.5 million.
This government had been power for 5 years by then, but hey, it's good to see they have the sorted the problem in the 4 years since!

This bit might make you giggle, it's one of the government's suggested solutions to the overcrowding of prisons - make some offences liable for an on the spot fine.
Hmm, ok, maybe less court time, and less jailing, but also less criminal records for the, er, criminals.
And what are 3 of these suggested offences?
Mugging, assault, and assaulting a police officer!.

I think I may take up a new career, here's the scenario...
I mug you, and pinch your mobile phone.
I get caught, and am given an on the spot fine of £100, and no criminal record.
I pay the £100 out of the £150 I sold your phone for.
You have no other recourse against me available, so vent your frustration by smacking me around the head.
I report you ( believe me, as a criminal I want the full protection of the law when it's my turn!)
You then get an on the spot fine of £100.
Net result - the government is £200 better off.
You are £100 plus your phone out of pocket.
I am £50 to the good, and free to carry on mugging with no more than a minor bruise on my head.

When this kind of thing was pointed out to the government, they did a usual about turn, saying it was drafted by a junior official.
That's not a jibe at this particular government, the other lot would probably be just as bad.
It's one of the reasons I stood in the election last year.

Truly, our trip to hell in a handbasket is gathering pace...

I must leave on a positive note, and it's this, if I get my Christmas chocolates in now, I may get a discount!

Hmm, that's brought back a memory from last year - individual slices of Christmas cake, ideal for a singleton like me, but with a 'best before' date of mid-November!
If I see that again this year, I'm a-writing to Mr. Tesco just to see what happens!

Have a good week.
'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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