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Issue 382 - Mon 3rd Sep 2006

I hope everything is ok where you are.

A new series of 'The Apprentice USA' started over here in the UK.
I say 'new', it is new for us, but it's only series 3, and I think they are up to series 5 or more in the US?

After the first series aired here, it was such a success, the makers decided to do a version with a UK business mogul.
It was so popular that the US version was reduced to the backwaters of our schedules.
I like them both, our version is very British, and the Donald Trump original is very, er, American.
If anyone fancies telling me the result, then please don't!

For this run, Trump put a twist on the 2 teams.
Both teams had the same average age, and the same average IQ, but one team went to college/university, and on team got no more than a high school pass out.
One team has 3 times the income of the other.

'Boring,' you may well mutter.
'Not boring,' I'd reply, because it's the high school team with the higher income!

Nice twist, and further evidence of one of my favourite topics - education.

As adults, there is almost no limit as to what we can teach ourselves, we just need to choose to do it.
It's too easy to say that when our 'official' education ends, that's as far as we will go, and we'll have to make do - wrong!

We learn every day, it's just that it is unfocused learning.
With the rise of the internet there is a huge array of learning materials around, much of it no cost, and before that there were, (and still are) good old fashioned books.

As well as academic study, you can't really replace action.
The high school grads didn't get where they are today by just reading a few extra books - they took action.
They learnt what worked, and learnt what didn't work.
Then they carried on, and the fact that they are on the show means that they are still taking action!

Would it have been possible to get a team of college/university grads that earnt 3 times the school leavers?
Of course, but it woudn't have driven the point home.

Higher education is not to be poo-pooed.
For all the success stories with only a high school education, there are plenty more drop outs and criminals.
A higher education often means that when your time comes to act in the 'real' world, you are directed less by trial and error, and more by established theory.

Both sides of the coin have their value, it's up to the individual to analyse where they are in life, where they want to get to, and what kind of education they need to get as an adult to bridge the gap.

I've made this point over and over in the 4 and half years I've been writing this newsletter.
I made it for sure in my book 'Transform Your Life In 21 Days!'

There's a reason for that.
It's a fundamental of goal achievement and self improvement.

Ok, that's it for today, what education do you need?
Have a good week.
'Til Next Time,
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