Monday, August 28, 2006

Issue 381 - Mon 28th Aug 2006

I hope Monday finds you well.

I started back with my marathon training this week just gone.
I'd had a 4 week break.
I had intended to start again after 3 weeks, and the reason I didn't is my point today.

After 3 weeks, when it came to start again on the Monday, it was pouring with rain, and I just couldn't be bothered.
I was down for a walking session anyway, so figured it wouldn't make much difference if I skipped it.

Then the next day, my first running session, I spent time with my mates Les Miserable and Slick Valentine doing the demo for my 'Rock & Roll Town' song.
The session involved a good deal of chatting, and by the time I had got home and got the song uploaded to the site, it was late, and I didn't feel like a run.

Wednesday it was raining, and then I decided since I had missed a lot of the week, I would go for a full 4 week break.


Easy to justify, eh!

When I first stopped due to my groin tweak, I had spent 11 weeks solid, 6 days a week, I had seen the improvement, and felt good for it.
I was in the habit, so stopping was quite a wrench, I really noticed it.
After just 3 weeks though, I had chnaged that habit, and replaced it with one of not running!
That's why after the gap I had to almost force myself to pick it up again.
In fact all through the week I could feel a nagging sense of 'can't be bothered', but I forced myself through that because I have sufficient desire to achieve my final outcome, the marathon next April.

I called my book 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days!' for a reason.
3 weeks is enough time to replace a bad habit with a good one.
At the time it may seem like a long time, when you are forcing yourself everyday, but in the long scheme of things, it's no time at all.
Just apply the new habit every day, and you'll be amazed at what you can change!
Be careful that you aren't re-inforcing bad habits though!

It's a shortish issue this week I guess, but that doesn't make the point any less valid.
Of course, if you want, you can read my 'Transform' book, which was described as 'motivational magic', and a 'must read', here:

Ok, that's it for today, have a good week.
'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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