Monday, October 13, 2008

Issue 489 - What's Your Attitude?

I hope Monday finds you well.
Today's issue is about attitude.

It's one of the 4 magic words beginning with 'A' that I wrote about in my 'Transform Your Life' book.
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The global financial crisis is now getting to such proportions that the general public can no longer dismiss it as something restricted to the financial circles, or something that's the flavour of the month in the press.

Here in the UK, some of the biggest banks we have have seen huge amounts of their business taken over by the government, in other words the taxpayer.
This means that the attitude of the banks will have to change. To say it's becoming clear that the banking institutions were being reckless for years is not true, as people have been saying it for many years - it's just that it was ignored by too many people for too long, as plenty of money was being made.

That illogical attitude of lending to people who were unlikely to pay back has to stop, and as a result the effect will ripple down through businesses at all level and into the pockets of individuals.
Many people will find radical changes being imposed on them, and it will be a huge culture shock to the system.

Change and shocks to the system are always going to happen.
They can't always be predicted, they can't always be controlled.
However, one thing that you can always control is your attitude to change.
You can mope and whine about things, or you can accept change as merely something different, even turning it into the most positive thing that has ever happened.

That may sound glib, some may say childish, and of course some changes and hardships can't be wiped away with a silly grin.
That's not what I'm saying - my point is that the attitude you take is paramount to your contentment in life, through the good time as well as bad, and any time is a good time to check and make sure your attitude is one which helps you rather than hinders you - after all it's your attitude, so why not pick the one that makes your life easiest!

Ok, that's it for this week, feel free to email me with your attitude!

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