Monday, July 24, 2006

Issue 376 - Mon 24 Jul 2006

I hope all is well where you are.

Thanks for all your emails about my groin, I can't remember the last time it generated so much interest!

I did some research in the week about groin strains, and it seems there are many varieties!
The common remedy I found is, unsurprisingly, resting it until it is better.
How do you know it's better?
By testing it, to see if it still hurts.

Seems reasonable to someone like me who doesn't have a running coach to guide me, and with the fact that we had all-time record high July weather here in the UK, I did walking sessions instead of running this week, apart from a 6 mile tester yesterday.
I could still feel it more than I ought, so this Sunday's 15 miler is looking doubtful.
Looks like my decision to start training months ahead of schedule is paying off - this is time I can afford to lose with no worries.
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Today I want to talk about mental attitude, featuring 2 multi-billion pound industries.
If you're thinking 'here we go, music and sport,' well you'd be wrong this time.
Er, no hang on, you'd be right actually, but I defy you to tell me at the end that you can't use the point in your life today.

The sport story is the quicker, so let's start...
There are 4 major golf tournaments every year, and yesterday, the oldest and most prestigious, The Open, was won by Tiger Woods.

It's his 11th major, and only one man has won more, Jack Nicklaus with 18.
It's a comment Nicklaus made years ago that caught my ears.

One of the most difficult shots in golf is the 4 foot putt.
I'm talking about the elite professionals here, for a klutz like me they are all the most difficult, but in a game which relies hugely on mental strength, the 4 foot putt has ruined many careers.

Jack Nicklaus once said the he had never missed a 4 footer.
By that he meant that he knew his preparation and stroke were fine every time.
Sometimes the ball didn't go in, but that wasn't his fault.
I'm not sure that can literally be true, but consider his iron-strong confidence in what he did and how he did it!

Ok, onto the music story, featuring Tony Blair.
Yes, *that* Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Britain.

He wasn't always interested in politics, in fact when he was 18, he fiercely wanted to be a rock star.
He arrived in London, and people found that his undeniable charm had them giving him free food and board when they hardly knew him.
One of these became a friend, and told Tony that he should maybe try promoting as a way into the business.

Tony jumped at it, and soon declared himself the promoter of a local band.
He found a church hall to rent, and went out and sold, sold, sold, turning the night into a huge success.

He then wanted to step up a gear, and took the huge step of hiring a 4,000 seater hall in London.
To fill it he decided to get a big band, and simply rang up the management of Free, one of Britain's biggest bands at the time.
When he was told the band wanted £25,000 upfront (remember this was 1971, that was a big lump of money), he realised that it wasn't as easy as he thought.
On the night the 4,000 seater had around 60 people turn up, and Tony was counting his losses.

Did he give up?
I should say not, he carried on selling and talking to people, putting his people skills to great use, eventually putting on 4 successful shows, making a clear profit of £600, again a lot of money then.

In 1972 he went off to University, where he spotted a band auditioning for a singer.
He got the job, (he was the only one that showed up).
The drum kit collapsed on the first gig, and the band only played 6 times.
Within 3 months Tony had joined the Labour party, and the rest is history.

Think of what you do and how you do it.

Do you have the steely confidence of 18-time major winner Jack Nicklaus, or do you have the unquenchable ambition and drive of Tony Blair.
He tried it in rock, it didn't work, but when he turned to something else, he became the youngest Prime Minister for nearly 200 years.

Ok, that's it for today,
Have a good week.
'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,
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