Sunday, November 16, 2008

Issue 491 - Are You A 3 Way Adaptor?


Well it's been an interesting time for me lately.

After the last newsletter, I was determined to get the next one out on time.

Not only did I fail to do that, I also failed with the following one, which I had been even *more* determined to get done on time!

The reason? Curling. Simple as that.
Or in fact not quite so simple.

My job at the curling rink has developed, as jobs tend to, and there is always something extra that needs doing.

It may be the finer points of maintaing the curling ice, or seeing how far I can get round a U bend, but there have been some long old days.

I may not get home until 12.30 at night, with a morning start at 6am.
Throw in the 1 hour drive each way, and I never seem to get anything done when I get home bar the essentials.

For the nearly 6 years I have been waffling on with this newsletter, I like to write it by just sitting down and writing - not editing too much, which gives a conversational flow that I like.

Ok, I may drift off on some peculiar tangents as a result, but it's the way I like to write, I do it for my articles and books, and it works for me.

What hasn't worked for me has been that when I realised I was not getting the time to sit and write the issue in 1 sitting, I did not start writing in chunks, but expected to get it done another time - of course I didnt get done another time!

This brings up a point I make many times, because it's a good one, and it's about our ability to adapt to change.

My ability appears to have been less than I thought it was!
At least I have spotted it, worked out what the problem was and come to a solution, so I am writing this issue in chunks. and it *will* have been published on Nov 17th!

Change may come to us in many forms, we may ask for it, we may not, but our ability to adapt to it is one of the most important things we can cultivate to make real progress.

Ok, that's it for this week, I'm off to edit those pics of my curling trousers, which I said I'd show you, and will next time. Not may, but will!

Til next time,
Health & happiness,

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