Monday, April 17, 2006

Issue 362 - Project Prelaunch

The Great Gordino Newsletter - Issue 362 – Mon 17th April 2006


I hope today finds you well.

If you celebrate Easter, I hope you're enjoying it.
If you don't, I hope you're enjoying your Monday anyway!

I've been having a great weekend, there's chocolate everywhere.
My daily rationing goes out of the window at times like these, and it's fun!
Tomorrow it's back to my one-a-day limit.

Today I want to give a quick Happy Birthday to The Queen, and then it's onto the prelaunch of my new project.

Queen Elizabeth is 80 on Friday 21st.
That means she was 40 when I was zero.

Little did I know what would await me when I first poked my head into the world back then, and little did I know that Elizabeth had already reigned for 15 years!

There are lots of documentaries about her at the mo, and they show lovely private film footage of her younger years.
What a lovely smile she had, and still has today!

She wasn't born to be Queen, in fact she was in her teens when her father became King, making her next in line.
She settled into the idea, and when she was 21, she made an announcement that she would dedicate the rest of her life to the service of her duty.
It was only another 4 brief years before she took the throne, and has been there ever since.

I've never known another Monarch.

She's always been there, on the stamps, on the money.
Because she's only about 15 years older than my own mother, I suppose the images of the 2 have grown together for me.
It's that solidity that she has brought in her reign.

She still works a ferocious schedule.

Yes of course everything is done for her, but apart from the fact that she is Head of State for around 2 billion people, she *needs* to be looked after to keep up a work rate that my nearly 40-yr old body might struggle with!

So I for one say Happy 80th Birthday!

Speaking of my nearly 40-yr old body, today is the prelaunch of my new project.
I've called it The Great Gordino's Marathon Million.

I decided that to mark my 40th birthday this year, I would train for the London Marathon.

I'll go into more details next week, but I also decided to put together a book for the project, and after I had thrown those ideas into the pot along with sponsorship, I came up with the finished article.

I am selling the new book for $27.
Included in that is my 1st book, 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days!'.
Your purchase also includes sponsoring me for 1 metre of the marathon which allows you to have an image displayed on the site, linking to a site you choose, be it your site or an affiliate site or whatever.
You can sponsor me for as many metres as you want - the more metres, the bigger your image displayed!

25% of the purchase price goes to charity.
I reckon that's a good deal.

2 books, which could quite easily sell at $47 each, an image and link to your site, and 25% to charity.
Plus you get to see how I use the theories I always rattle on about to help me get through the serious challenge of a marathon to mark my 40th!

That's basically the project, and if you're asking what's the difference between today's 'prelaunch' and next week's full launch, well this is it -

This year's London Marathon is on the 23rd, so the 24th seems a good time to officially launch the project.
From then on I will be fully promoting it.

This week's prelaunch achieves a few things.
Firstly it allows me to promote the product to the select people I choose, and that's the readers of this old newsletter!

It also allows me to offer a prelaunch deal, which is 'buy one, get one free.'
That means that for the $27, not only do you get all the stuff I mentioned above, you get 2 metres' worth of image display!

Being in on the prelaunch allows you to get in first, to pick the spot you want your image to show.
It also means that you can get a head start on promoting the product - did I mention I had an affiliate programme?

Well I have, paying a 50% commission on all sales you refer.
It's important that you sign up via the affiliate page on my site, otherwise your referred sales can't be tracked and logged as yours. There are banners there you can use, and I will be adding more tools as I go.

Any buyers you refer will also get the 'buy one get one free' deal, but for the free metre there won't be any commission paid, as it doesn't cost anything to the buyer.

At 12.01am BST Monday 24th, the '2 for 1' deal ends, so use it this week while you can!

A prelaunch also allows me to fix any teething problems.
Hopefully there won't be many if any, but if any problems do appear, I'd rather it was with friends who will give me some slack!

So there we are!
Go and look at the site, get in ahead of the crowd during this week, take the 'buy one get one free' offer, and be among the first to promote it via your affiliate link.
Here's the site:

Ok, that's it for today - have a good week and raise a glass to The Queen on Friday!

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,

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