Monday, March 13, 2006

Issue 357 - The Dark Side Of The Bald Patch

The Great Gordino Newsletter - Issue 357 – Mon 13th Mar 2006
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I hope everything is ok where you are.

I went to have a go at curling last week.
The purpose built rink, the only one in England, is built on the owner's farm, and I was little bit concerned that I might get lost down the dark narrow country lanes.
However, I had studied the map and worked out the route, so I set off fairly confidently.
Of course it didn't take long for me to get lost down the dark narrow country lanes, with the bane of my life, roadsigns, letting me down.
I came to junction after junction, with signs that failed to point to anywhere I recognised, but quite happily, almost knowingly, displayed names which may well have been made up.
It was raining, and as is always the way, I had people driving behind me who obviously knew the road, and drove in a way that could best be described as 'RIGHT UP MY ARSE!!'
I'd estimated 40 minutes for the journey, and after 90 minutes of driving round in circles, which may have been getting bigger or smaller, I have no idea, I finally arrived.

Here's where my luck improved.

Having been told that the local club met on a Wednesday, it turned out that it was every Wednesday *except* last week, so I was the only person there.

Doesn't sound so lucky does it?

However, the rink had been booked by a full group of Round Tablers, and they were a man short, and they asked me if I wanted to join them.
Rather civilised I thought, even more so when I discovered that their evening included beginner training, equipment hire, lane hire, and so on, and that they refused to take my offer of payment.
That's always likely to put a smile on my face.

It was really good fun!
It says on the website that you can be playing meaningful games within an hour, and so it proved.
Unlike my last attempt at a new sport, American Football, curling allows me to play my shots without the fear of someone trying to chop my calves, rattle my ribs, or indeed, smash me in the face.
I actually wasn't horrenously bad, and could see myself getting better.
It's a shame that the season ends in early April, and it isn't played over the summer, but I'll use the next few weeks to introduce myself to the 'locals', and get a bit of playing in.
Hopefully I'll be going to play once this week, and watch a competition also.

My friend Alan bought a telescope on ebay last week.
He also turned 40 last week, and I reckon he bought the telescope to see if he could spot his hair, as a large mass of it has already vanished into thin air, and what's left doesn't seem to be hanging around.
He swears it's for a different reason.
We had been chatting, and he mentioned that he had an interest in astronomy that he wanted to pursue when he retired.
I immediately pointed out something he has said to me many times, and it's a point you will find in many 'how to be happy books'.

Saying that you'll do something when you retire is a complete nonsense.
If there is something you want to do do it now!
It could be life changing, the best thing you ever did, or it could just be another hobby.
Alan works for himself, so retirement is a good 25 years away at least for him.
Think of all the fun he could have with the stars in that time, he could even have a complete career!
Unlikely, as the reflection from his bald patch would mess up more delictae instruments, but you get my point.

Think of anything you have set aside to do at some point in the future.
It might be a specific date, or it may be a vague wishy washy timeline.
Consider what's wrong with you doing it NOW!
You could do a lot worse, and like I found when I got my curling lesson for free, you'll probably end up with a smile on your face too!

Ok, that's it for this week.

Have a good week.

'Til Next Time,
Health and Happiness,

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Helen said...

Fantastic Gordon! I wondered when you were going to get round to the idea of blogging. I love blogging - you can be yourself without fear of offending too many people, much more informal than a website!

Love the story of your curling - just goes to show that just turning up has its rewards!

Good luck with the blog.

Helen Palmer
Tailor Made South Africa Travel

The Great Gordino said...

Hi Helen,
I still smile when I think of your name - remember there was a British archer at the Athens Olypmics with your name & I wondered if it was you?
Not sure my poor old eyes could cope with archery, but the curling, now there's potential!

Banjoman said...

Hi Gordon;
Happy blogging from Florida! I am happy to see you have a blog, AND have taken up curling. What an interesting sport that is. We don't get much of it here in Florida!
chuck hall